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Conflict & Mediation

Equipped with the tools to resolve conflict, you can find a peaceful conclusion without retribution. Relationship Advantage recognizes that many individuals have experienced trauma in their lives and struggle to overcome these concerns especially when it comes to partnerships and parenting. Instead of repeating the ‘normal’ of our childhoods or reacting to difficult situations, we can learn new skill that help us respond and overcome. This includes relationship mediation tools which aim to facilitate open and honest discussion between you and the other party.

Coaching & Consulting

As a business leader it can be difficult to achieve a goal if relational conflict exists. Leadership based coaching can help. Relationship Advantage assists individuals and organizations who are seeking to increase morale, inspiration, and passion. When you notice there are struggles, conflicts, isolation, lack of drive, or initiative within your business, Relationship Advantage will investigate. Using proven practices we can consult on business processes and how to correctly utilize human resources. This includes listening to the opposition, their difficulties, and uncomfortable scenarios. We provide practical insight about how to address progress, communication, and transformation. Each member comes to the table with different expectations. Some employees deal with personal issues, while others have problems with their management. They could also just be burnt out from unclear expectations and an increased workload. Each difficulty reflects on the company and its morale. Work moves smoothly once everyone is on the same page.

Outcome Based

Relationship Advantage addresses outcomes. If you are wanting different results, Relationship Advantage will review which feelings and motivations/beliefs are the driving force behind the behaviors. Many times this means improving communication skills such as active listening, confidence, friendliness, and empathy, among others. In order to change the resulting behavior, we must make adjustments to our thoughts and expectations. This leads to healthy control of ourselves, and allows others to also control themselves. Setting boundaries and nurturing behaviors stimulate respect, honesty, and growth in all relationships. For some this means deepening their relationships with the divine, which is something Relationship Advantage assist with as well.

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